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Chairman Industrial Intelligent System


    Established on August 2002, Hunan Chairman Industrial Intelligent System Co., Ltd. is a high-tech and software-affirmed company with AI and industrial IOT as the core, who offers integrate intelligent solutions for coal chemistry and steel-making industries. Chairman has been committed to transform and energize traditional manufacturing industry since 2008.

    In 2009 Chairman invested 35million on Yueyang Eco-tech development zone to build manufacture base; In 2011 Chairman established R&D center and over hundreds million of RMB was invested. Nowadays Chairman has recruited staff of 220, among them 165 are in technology team(115 R&D staff, over 50 field debugging and after sale service engineer, 2 professors, 3 doctors and 35 staff who obtained master degree). In 2012 and 2014, Chairman expanded three subsidiaries: Hunan Chairman IOT Information Technology Co., Ltd., who offers intelligent solutions for steel-making and bulk material industries; Hunan Chairman Intelligent Driving Technology Co., Ltd., who is committed to solutions for coke oven vehicles, stacker, reclaimer, and unmanned-driving overhead crane under harsh environments; and Hunan Chairman Intelligent Information Technology Co., Ltd., who is engaged in coking intelligent data platform, coke oven heating process, gas collecting process, chemical production and recovery, bulk material intelligent solutions, intelligent control of sewage treatment system, intelligent coal-blending system, etc.) 

    Chairman Yueyang R&D center is able to develop intelligent hardware, including upgrade coded cable, intelligent infrared temperature-measuring system, millimeter-wave radar, coded plate positioning system, online gas analyzer, intelligent controller and millimeter wave material level gauge.


  Started on 2011, coke oven heating intelligent control system is able to realize intelligent adaptive control of single pipe and general pipe. The study of Intelligent Infrared Thermometer System is carried on since 2015, multiple flaws and inconvinient service, four years of R&D experiences have witnessed Chairman’s two mature types of infrared thermometer: optical fiber and non-optical fiber, which are adaptive to harsh coke oven environments, highly reliable and stable.

    Hunan Chairman Industrial Intelligent System Co., Ltd. is a high-hech and software-affirmed company, prasied by one nation-wide important product, one scientific and technological innovation award issued bu Hunan province, and almost hunred intems of invention patents, new utility patents and software works.

    Hunan Chairman Industrial Intelligent System Co., Ltd. has entered New OTC Market since 2016, now the affairs of listing Sci-Tech Board has been launched, and is expected to be listed on the Sci-Tech Board in 2021.