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Coke Oven Locomotive Unmanned Duty System


Coke oven unmanned duty system is not only a strategic choice for visionary coking enterprises, but also a realistic trend for industry development; what’s more, it is included in intelligent manufacturing field which is greatly encouraged by China. The significance lies in: firstly, it is an essential segment of establishing coking factories; secondly, it helps to increase efficiency by decreasing personnel; thirdly, it boosts coke ovens’ production efficiency, makes the process of coke oven operation more digital and intelligent, and provides data support for intelligent coke factory.



  • The coke oven vehicles interlock aiming system is a very mature product in our company. On the one hand, it is plan-driving system, with production plan as the core, coke oven- related engineering business was combed and linked, and unmanned duty system must take it as logical start point. On the other hand, in order to satisfy coke oven vehicles unmanned duty, coke oven vehicles interlock aiming system must be improved comprehensively, intelligently and technologically.
  • Data center adopts Spark big data framework, adds DM function; position detector adopts encoded cable and encoded plate position detection redundant system; communication adopts the combination strategy of 5G wireless and encoded cable communication; coordination control center adopts S7-1500; vehicle control system adds multiple embedded IPC, sensing detecting system is greatly increased; PLC module adopts S7-1500 and communicates with PLC of coaling vehicle, coke-pushing vehicle, quenching vehicle and coke-barrier vehicle, and vehicle can be upgraded as self-induction and self-decision limited intelligent entity; mobile management and control handheld PDA system is added; in addition, system device failure diagnose function, planning scheduling and re-scheduling function is added; vehicle stabilizing control mechanism model and control algorithm is added, and using controller to prevent waggling.
  • Unmanned duty system is plan-driving system; its data center receives the operation plan from coking big data center, disassemble it as executable plans to vehicles, and then issue plans to operation vehicles; after receiving operation plans, server will dissemble operation plans according to sensing detection data of vehicles, then order PLC to operate as time series algorithm required.
  • Structure

    Unmanned duty system consists of data center subsystem, central control and coordination subsystem, position detection subsystem, digital communication subsystem, vehicle subsystem and mobile monitoring system. that data center established has follow Functions such as intelligent algorithm application, specialist knowledge organization and control models. Unmanned duty system takes full use of edge computing and adds local computing function for vehicle subsystem.