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  • Multichannel Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measuring System
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Multichannel Intelligent Infrared Temperature Measuring System



Intelligent infrared thermodetector is a non-contact surface temperature thermodetector, which is highly sensitive, accurate and stable. It consists of four parts: precision fixed focus optical system, high temperature resistant stainless steel armored infrared transmission fiber, and intelligent processing circuit unit air purge device (DSP core)


Because of its unique advantages, intelligent infrared thermodetector is widely used in application fields, especially in harsh industrial environments. It is of high stability, accuracy and repeatability. Normally, it is used in hot-blast stove, kiln, coking furnace, steel-making, steel-rolling, equipment weldering and other industrial environments for measuring the temperature. Especially, it can realize multichannel online realtime temperature measuring in the furnace top temperature measuring system, so as to help control the process of coke oven heating and realize energy conservation and emission reduction.


·  Separate optical probe and electronic module by transferring infrared energy through fiber, the signal processing unit is minimally affected by the environment and effectively improved its anti-electromagnetic interference capability. It is stable and reliable, can be used in severe environments, especially in complicated industrial environments and other intense electromagnetic environments.

· The temperature resistance of optical probe is up to 300℃, of fiber is 300℃(customizable), it can be used in high temperature industrial environments.

·  The size of optical probe is small, which can be installed in many occasions, and doesn’t cover too much space or affect other equipment.

·  We have multiple types of optical probes and detectors, suitable to different environments required for different temperatures, and offer multiple types of combination.

·  Multiple linear output interface, connect to kinds of controlling instrument, recorder and computer measurement and controlling system.

·  Non-contact temperature measuring greatly improved the life of instrument, which is normally hundred times longer than thermo couple.

·  Response quickly, it can be measured at millisecond level, and measure surface temperature of quickly mobile object.

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